California Codes and Policies

As Per the Housing and Community Development (HCD)

Factory-Built ALL Steel Housing – The purpose of the Factory-Built housing was to provide residents with reduced housing costs through mass production techniques resulting from a factory production environment.

  • In order to achieve this purpose, the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has created a set of guidelines to help orchestrate and ensure that quality standards of California are met and adapted to.

The HCD regulates the manufacturing of factory-built homes and factory-built components manufactured for sale in California, both elements are defined as follows in State law:

  • Factory-Built Housing is a residential building, dwelling unit, individual dwelling room, or combination of rooms, or building components, assembly, or system factory built so that all concealed parts or processes of manufacturing cannot be inspected before installation.
  • Building Component are subsystem’s, subassembly or other system designed for use in or as part of a structure which may include structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems

The Factory-Built Housing Program carries out its responsibilities through the following activities:

  • Plan check of FBH designs through HCD-approved Design Approval Agencies.
  • In-plant inspections of FBH through HCD-approved Quality Assurance Agencies.
  • Insignia of Approval issuance and record-keeping.
  • Application review for eligibility to act as a Design Approval Agency and perform plan checking on behalf of HCD.
  • Application review for eligibility to act as the Quality Assurance Agency or Quality Assurance Inspector and perform in-plant inspection on behalf of the HCD.
  • Monitoring of Design Approval and Quality Assurance Agencies, Quality Assurance Inspectors, and local building departments.
  • Complaint handling and investigations.