can i afford to own a second home

Can I Afford to Own a Second Home?

Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit to your property!  With an ADU, you’re investing directly into your future.

  • Rent your unit to earn monthly income.
  • You’re adding significant long-term resale value to your property.
  • Gain flexibility with your property.  Your ADU can easily shift from a rental, to an office, to a guest room.
  • Add an ADU to create housing for elderly family or to keep a caregiver onsite.
  • Upon retirement, you can downsize to your ADU and earn income from renting your main property.

The opportunity to invest in your future and generate income is right in your backyard.  Your average monthly payment based on refi is estimated between $500 – $700 a month.  Rental potential of your new until is estimated up to $3,200 a month.  Which means, you will have the opportunity to net up to $2,200-$2,500 per month.  Adding a second home to your property is an investment in your future.